Schmetterlinge in weiß



another day...

and i still can't get enough of being here and walking around in the city. breathing canadian air and stuff

today i'm not going to work, i have to help cleaning up my uncle's restaurant. and i'm also going to search some musicians so i can start to make music again! i mean i make music everyday but doing it in a band is much more fun. 

hopefully it's not going to rain today but at the moment it seems to so that ain't good.

so i received about 12 mails like "oh gosh, so great you blog again and please, pretty please add some personal stuff here, we're dying to get to know you!" - so now i question: what would you like to know about me?



(5/29/09 11:49am) note: now please write mails only, for some reason posting comments doesn't work on some computers so now i'll only answer questions sent by mail!

28.5.09 12:18
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