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Hey people,

wow, what a day. nothing quite special happened, but all in all it was like totally crazy. finally got some free time just to hang out a little and being realizing i still live. just watched Hellraiser: Hellworld today and i was a little confused, does anybody think that one is like romantic or something? am i the only insane here? aint goin be blogging till sunday or something, gotta work hard and a lot.


5.8.09 23:36

Hey guys, sorry for not being blogging for a month. I've been totally busy moving to NY and starting to work. - It's so unbelievably amazing here! Amazing work, amazing city and amazing men as well

 I hope you guys are enjoying the summer! And I miss the winter already. Just kidding. Gosh, i also haven't uploaded some pictures yet, have i?

Ah and i closed the guestbook because of some dumbasses who used their free time to spam my guestbook. So that means that for now you only can write me mails, but that's better than nothing, isn't it? Uh huh, i thought as much (:

Alright guys, i hope you're doing good and i'm so looking forward to your mails, i read and read them and i can't even answer to every mail so i'm really excusing!

love y'all (:


28.7.09 03:25

sorry, i had some trouble so i wasn't able to use my computer for about a week now.

how are you guys? i got some (like 50?) mails, seems like i did a good job answering your mails considering i didn't have that much time. as i wrote i will answer the other questions when i have a bit more time. i hope those whose questions' been answered are contented! 

well tonight i'm going to go on a concert of a friend's band. they gonna rock! i'm sure of this. i will upload some pictures of that the next days.

i hope you're doing good, have an awesome weekend!!

love xo

13.6.09 07:48

for now, please don't post any comments, my computer plays up so i can't read any of them. sorry. i'll try to fix it.


3.6.09 09:13

about 340 questions. pheew...

WINNER: @ Tolo - you did it! you won - please write me a mail what you'd like me to do.

tonight i'm totally not into blogging, i was like "blah -.-" the whole day, i feel sick and i got fever. whatever that might be, it don't feel good at all!

if you know what it could be leave a comment or write me a mail (better it you wrote me a mail but it's ur choice)


1.6.09 19:55


first results of your questioning: i have about 176 questions already! that's going to be a long night. there's about one week left, on sunday june 7 i will start to answer.


just listened to a song that reminds me of some of my happiest hours in my life. 

so now the question: guess what that reminds me of! the winner is going to get something she or he wants. (except from some things, but that's clear)


hugs & kisses

29.5.09 19:43

another day...

and i still can't get enough of being here and walking around in the city. breathing canadian air and stuff

today i'm not going to work, i have to help cleaning up my uncle's restaurant. and i'm also going to search some musicians so i can start to make music again! i mean i make music everyday but doing it in a band is much more fun. 

hopefully it's not going to rain today but at the moment it seems to so that ain't good.

so i received about 12 mails like "oh gosh, so great you blog again and please, pretty please add some personal stuff here, we're dying to get to know you!" - so now i question: what would you like to know about me?



(5/29/09 11:49am) note: now please write mails only, for some reason posting comments doesn't work on some computers so now i'll only answer questions sent by mail!

28.5.09 12:18

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