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Sorry, took me about a year to write another blog. Annddd Christmas is getting closer and closer, it's unstoppable! For this reason, I have a little message for you!

Happy December!
9.12.10 13:45

"When deep sleep falleth on men, fear came upon me and trembling, which made all my bones to shake..."
10.11.09 14:29

Hey y'all! 

I will blog less here and more on Twitter, i think i became a real Twitterholic. No, it's not that bad but it's much easier there than here 

Alright, gotta go now. "Drink up.. and.. make it all go a hell a lot faster!" Havin' said this! 

love xo

15.8.09 10:58

R.I.P Lester William Polfuss
Les Paul

"His innovative talents extended into his unique playing style, including licks, trills, chording sequences, fretting techniques and timing which set him apart from his contemporaries and inspired most of the guitarists of the present day."

13.8.09 19:11

news in between: just joined Twitter again after deleting my old account 'cause being hacked.

Linked in the sidebar.

12.8.09 15:39

Pretty rainy here to be honest.

I'm in Boston right now, a quite cool city. I'm hanging out in my flat most of the time, but 'course i'm trying to spend my free time outside, though. A little difficult to manage it all here. Well, i'll be back thursday evening or something, depends on how good i'm working here. Hope i'll be back soon.

alright you guys.. giant hug and shoulder shrug, xx

12.8.09 10:56

I'm so having a wonderful afternoon !! (:
What did you guys plan for this beautiful weekend?
8.8.09 21:06

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